Monday, November 5, 2012

Making a Trip to Hobby Lobby Tonight!

Tonight Emily and I are making a trip to Hobby Lobby to get started on my soap making, and laundry soap making aspirations.

There are a few different routes that I could go with soap making.

1. Actually make the soap myself from scratch(which can be dangerous from what I have read).
2. Buy a soap base(soap that is already made, unscented and cloudy white), melt it to scent it and color it, then pour into whatever soap mold I want to solidify.

I am planning on option number two. The reason for this is that you can get a 5 lb package from Hobby lobby for $20. They also have a 40% off coupon every week, which will bring the cost of 5 lbs of soap down to $12. A regular bar of soap that you would buy from a store is between 3oz and 5oz(I'm talking about Dial or Irish Spring). That means that you get the equivalent of 16-26 bars of soap for $12, plus you can scent and color the soap yourself.

Come to find out, you can use spices like cinnamon and rosemary to scent and color the soap, so I think I will try that out before I try essential oils. I have also read that you can use powdered orange peel too! That means Emily will need to put up with me saving my orange peels and putting them in the dehydrator!

The other reason for going with the soap base is that I can use it in laundry detergent. The appeal there is that it is unscented, and relatively cheap. All you need to do is finely grate the soap, mix it with 20 Mule Team Borax, and Church and Dwight Washing Soda. Then when you do a load of laundry, you only need to use 1-2 tbsp per load.

One pound of soap, one box of Borax, and one box of Washing Soda should supposedly last a year. I'll be sure to make a post about the process of mixing and using the detergent, as well as the actual cost of making the detergent.

I read an article about a cancer causing agent that is in my favorite laundry detergent, and that motivated me to get this done tonight.,0,2213594.story

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