Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Hobbies, Brought to you by Coupons, and Hobby Lobby

Emily and I both have hobbies believe it or not. I think that Hobby Lobby is a great place to find unique things that you can't find elsewhere, even though a lot of it is overpriced. That is where the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon comes in handy. We saved about $15 dollars because of that coupon today, and it is something that they do on a weekly basis. Every week they offer the same coupon.

We made 2 separate transactions since you can only use it on one item per person per transaction per day. I have the Hobby Lobby app on my iPhone, so I sent Emily the coupon.

Emily bought a fabric that she will be using on her project, which I'm sure she would love to tell you about in the next few days as she works on it. I'm not going to ruin her fun! But I get the fun of saying that she saved $7 by using her coupon!

I finally bought the soap base I wanted, and a basic mold. We didn't feel like going to Wal-Mart to get the other ingredients for the laundry detergent, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. The soap base was $20, and I saved $8 by using the 40% off coupon. I LOVE SAVING MONEY!

After saving money so easily, I want to stand by the check out and make sure that everyone is using this coupon, it's just silly if you don't!

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