Sunday, November 11, 2012

My first blog entry! The bench is done!

Aaron has been doing all the blogging, but I have finished my bench now and I am ready for everyone to see it.

My Mom recently got married, and moved in with her now husband. She was getting rid of things, and finally let me have a bench I asked for about a year ago. This bench is probably 20 years old, and saw quite a bit of abuse from my sisters and I. I knew I wanted to use it at the end of our bed, but I didn't really have a plan. So I took it apart (with the help of Aaron) and sanded the legs.

Here is the bench...

Taken apart and sanded....

I painted it with a white spray primer. It actually took more paint than I thought it would.

Then I sprayed it with a white gloss paint to give it the shiny look.

This is after the gloss....

I searched the fabric at Hobby Lobby to find something that I thought would look good. I found about 4 different patterns and let Aaron choose. (We had a 40% off coupon!)

The fabric.....

Now when it came to the padding under the fabric I was having trouble finding what I wanted. Finally we ended up at Walmart and bought a foam pad that you use on a mattress. It was actually cheaper than the padding squares.

We cut the padding, and the fabric to fit, and stapled the fabric to the bottom of the bench. It was finally time to put the bench back together, which ended up being more difficult than we both planned.

Helpful husband :)

And here it is!!! For less than $30.00!


  1. You're basically a professional furniture remodeler/thrifter/blogger. I LOVE YOU!


  2. Very nice looking bench.