Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Struggle of Being "Healthy"

So we all want to be healthy, right? What is healthy, and what does it mean? To different people it means different things. To me, it means being able to function on a daily basis without getting the feeling like I am going to die.

I feel like everywhere you turn,  you end up finding out that what you are doing is wrong. Things that you think are good for you, and are made to sound like they are good for you, end up either being bad for you, or they are produced in a way where you don't want to consume them after learning about the process to make whatever it is. Check out this article.

I'm very excited for the farmers market to open up this summer in Appleton. I want to eat food that was grown in the area, and hasn't been transported from California for me to eat. I want to support my local farmers more than I have been through the winter. I told my wife that I want to start shopping at the Free Market (a little store here that sells organic, and local food) on a regular basis to support local businesses more.